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Find useful apps & information, schedule appointments, and collaborate with other scholars to succeed in your classes.

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B.C. Tutors are Student Scholars Here to Help You

  • Improve your understanding of course material
  • Practice your academic skills
  • Develop your study habits
  • Proofread your writing
  • And meet your academic goals

For more information, please contact Kathleen Koontz or contact Jessie Tucker

How Does It Work?

What Should I Bring to My Session?

  • A copy of your assignment
  • Any relevant materials
  • Any work that you have completed so far.

How and When Can I See a Tutor?

There are two ways:

  1. Schedule an appointment:
    1. Click on the Schedule-an-Appointment link below or on any Jones Library & Learning Commons page.
    2. Or use BC Radar. Under the Campus section, look for the tutoring button. Online appointments available are available!
    3. Create an account with your BC email address
  2. Or drop-in at the library
    1. Schedules are posted in Jones Library, ask at the main desk, or click the Tutor-Schedule-&-Subjects link below to see which tutors are available.

For more information, please contact Kathy Koontz at

Textbook Resources

Other Useful Links

Success Tools

Writing Tools

Note: the following examples are in APA 7.

Using Word:

1) Ctrl+T - Place your cursor at the beginning of the second line of your citation.

Image depicting the text of a book citation. An arrow points to the space before the first word on the second line.

2) Press the control & the T keys at the same time (command + T on some operating systems).

Image depicts the text of a book citation. The second line is indented 5 spaces to the right of the first.


Using Google Docs:

1) Highlight your citations.

Image of highlighted book-citation text.

2) Select Format from the top tool bar. Select Align & Indent, then Indentation Options from the emergent menus.

Image showing successive menus.

3) In the resulting pop-up menu, select Special Indent, then Hanging, then click Apply.

Image depicts menu labeled "indentation options" with purple boxes around the selected items.

The resulting citation should look like this:

Image of book citation in hanging indentation.

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