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Library Services: In the Library

Information about borrowing library items, research help, study rooms, printing ... anything you can do in the library

Assistance With Your Search

Jones Library invites you to collaborate on your research with our librarians, one-to-one or as a group, in-person or online, scheduled or not. You have a few options.

Contact Us Directly:

  • Walk In: If we are open, there is at least one librarian on hand to help at the desk.
  • Chat: Look for the word-bubble symbol in the bottom-right corner of a library page. If the whims of fate prevent us from respoonding, leave a message.

Make an appointment using the following options:

  • Schedule an Appointment Using Google Calendar Below: Here you can look through our calendars and pick the time that works best for you. Remember, the more information you provide about your topic, the related assignment, and your expectations, the better your results will be.
  • Fill Out a Request Form: If you use the linked form, you can provide us with the 3 best times for you, and a librarian will contact you as soon as we can.

Visit our Subject Research Guides to browse our offerings in your subject.


  • Current Photo I.D. is required to check out all materials.
  • BC Library requires all library materials be returned on time, and charges fees for overdue or lost items.
  • Accumulated fines in excess of $30 will result in suspended borrowing privileges.
  • Any online student living more than a one-hour drive from Brevard may request circulating items to be sent to them by U.S. Mail.
  • Within copyright limitations, scanned materials can be sent electronically.
  • Reserve items and equipment do not circulate by mail.
  • Length of check-out generally follows student guidelines, above. However, due dates may be extended at the librarian's discretion to account for delays in mail.
  • Faculty & staff may request extended loan periods.
  • Non-circulating items (Reference materials, special collections, periodicals) may check out with the permission of the Library Director.
  • Overdue fines are not charged for Brevard College faculty, but lost items will be billed and borrowing privileges may be suspended or revoked. Interlibrary Loan items are billed according to the lending library's policies (see Interlibrary Loan Policy).
  • Brevard College welcomes visitors to use Jones Library.
  • Guest WiFi is available throughout the building.
  • To use our computers, online resources, or printer/copier, just ask for details at the desk.
  • Photocopying and printing is available for $.10 per page for black and white and $.25 per page for color.
  • Private study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Visitors from Blue Ridge Community College or Appalachian College Association affiliates are eligible to check out items, provided they show proof of address and a current college ID.
  • Visitors may check out a maximum of 10 items.
  • Patrons living outside of Transylvania County are also eligible to check out items, provided they show proof of address and pay a $25.00 annual fee.
  • Books check out for 28 days, DVDs & CDs for four hours.
  • Electronics are available by approval of the library director.
  • Students, faculty, and staff of Brevard College have priority when a resource is in short supply.
  • If behavior or use of facilities is deemed inappropriate or possibly dangerous, we reserve the right to ban visitors from the facility or the campus. Computer users agree to abide by the College's  IT Acceptable Use Policy, and can be banned for misuse of these resources.

Study Rooms

  • There are eight study rooms in the library. Six of them fit 1-2 comfortably, while the remaining rooms can fit up to four people.
  • We also have a media space we call the Learning Bar, which makes a great space to develop, practice, and give presentations.
  • During Fall and Spring semesters, some spaces may be reserved by classes or for test proctoring.

Course Reserves

  • Course Reserves are physical or electronic items that instructors set aside for the exclusive use of specific classes.
  • Reserves may be the instructor's own copy, items specified from our collection, or items that the instructor requests we purchase.
  • At the instructor's discretion, Course Reserves may check out for 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, or the full semester.

Library Instruction

Jones Library offers library orientation and information-fluency instruction to support the mission of Brevard College and student success. These sessions can take place in the library, in the classroom, or interactive video tutorial, and can cover effective search strategies, evaluating information, organizational strategies for research projects, and documenting one's research.

Note: due to huge changes in our systems and staffing, library instruction may be limited. Orientation videos will be shared as they are produced.

We can help orient your students to the physical library or our research guides. Usually, we do this inperson, but coming soon, we'll be offering an asynchronous set of video tutorials and assessment.

Due to huge changes in library personnel and software, our tutorials are outdated. While the basic principles are all good, everything looks different. If you'd like to try our old tutorials, you can find them in the link below!

Authority is Constructed and Contextual

  • Information resources reflect their creators’ expertise and credibility, and are evaluated based on the information need and the context in which the information will be used. Authority is constructed in that various communities may recognize different types of authority. It is contextual in that the information need may help to determine the level of authority required.

Information Creation as a Process

  • Information in any format is produced to convey a message and is shared via a selected delivery method. The iterative processes of researching, creating, revising, and disseminating information vary, and the resulting product reflects these differences.

Information has Value

  • Information possesses several dimensions of value, including as a commodity, as a means of education, as a means to influence, and as a means of negotiating and understanding the world. Legal and socioeconomic interests influence information production and dissemination.

Research as Inquiry

  • Research is iterative and depends upon asking increasingly complex or new questions whose answers in turn develop additional questions or lines of inquiry in any field.

Scholarship as Conversation

  • Communities of scholars, researchers, or professionals engage in sustained discourse with new insights and discoveries occurring over time as a result of varied perspectives and interpretations.

Searching as Strategic Exploration

  • Searching for information is often nonlinear and iterative, requiring the evaluation of a range of information sources and the mental flexibility to pursue alternate avenues as new understanding develops.

"Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education", American Library Association, February 9, 2015. (Accessed April 29, 2018)
Document ID: b910a6c4-6c8a-0d44-7dbc-a5dcbd509e3f

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Cleaning out your office or downsizing your home? Looking for a worthy cause?

Remember us. Contact Melodie Farnham for more information.

Books, scores, CDs, DVDs, etc.- We will accept nearly all book donations, but may not add the items to the library. All donated items are evaluated for their usefulness to the collection. Remaining items may be sold, placed on our "free book" cart, or donated for the AAUW book sale, at our discretion. 

Office and art supplies - Markers, clean posterboard, glue sticks, pencils, pens, binders, notecards and notebooks are welcome but must be approved before you drop them off with us. These school supply resources are helpful to our students.

And of course, Brevard College is always grateful for monetary donations.