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This guide was created for Vance Reese's Fall 2021 MUS 101 Class.

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Marie Jones

Recent Books in Music

Off the Record

Examines the invention, innovation, and diffusion of communications technology, using the history of sound recording as the focus.

Listen to Soul!

An overview and a critical analysis of what makes soul music in the United States.

Notes on Fugue for Beginners

781.42 D414n
A precise guide to the structural elements of the fugue aimed at the beginner.

The Lady Swings: Memoirs of a Jazz Drummer

Her path as a musician took her from early work with Charles Mingus to being hired by Benny Goodmant on her first day in New York.

Monk's Music

Monk extended the piano tradition known as Harlem stride and was at the center of modern jazz's creation during the 1940s.

Crossing Paths

Explores the connections between art and life in the works of Schubert, Schumann, and Brahms.

Giraffes, Black Dragons and Other Pianos

Also in print. 786.219 G646g
A Technological History from Cristofori to the Modern Concert Grand

Diction in Context

A Textbook for Singing in English, Italian, German, and French

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Music: 780-788
  • 780 Music
  • 781 General principles and musical forms
    • 781.49 Recording of music
  • 782 Vocal music
  • 783 Music for single voices
  • 784 Instruments and Instrumental ensembles and their music
  • 785 Ensembles with only one instrument per part
  • 786 Keyboard, mechanical, electrophonic, percussion instruments
  • 787 Stringed instruments (Chordophones)
  • 788 Wind instruments (Aerophones)
See also
  • 006.5 Digital audio
  • 534 Sound and related vibrations
  • 621.3893 Sound recording and reproducing systems
  • 781.49 Recording of music
  • 792.024 Sound design for the stage

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