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Psychology: Books

This page provides information for research in Psychology at Brevard College.

Psychology Book Databases

Featured Psychology Books

The Oxford Handbook of the Psychology of Working

In Print. 158.7 O984b 
Designed to expand and deepen a growing discourse about the psychological nature of working

Media Psychology 101

How individuals are affected by mass media, including research from criminal justice and sociology.

On Theology and Psychology

C. G. Jung's correspondence with Adolf Keller, a celebrated Protestant theologian who was one of the pioneers of the modern ecumenical movement

A Theory of System Justification

Why do we so often defend the very social systems that are responsible for injustice and exploitation?

Inside the Mind of a Voter

An in-depth look into the psychology of voters around the world, how voters shape elections, and how elections transform citizens and affect their lives

Social Empathy

Explains how we can develop our ability to understand one another and have compassion toward different social groups. In print and ebook. Also in print. 152.41 S454s


Reveals unique aspects of decision making and the best strategies for protecting and enhancing the brain's ability to navigate life's uncertainties

The Mind Is Flat

Rather than being the plaything of unconscious currents, the brain generates behaviors in the moment based entirely on our past experiences.

Mad-Doctors in the Dock

A captivating history of the defense of the insanity plea in England.

Cognition and the Visual Arts

The first systematic study of the connection between the new cognitive psychology and its importance to art. In print only.

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Primarily 150-158: Psychology

  • 150 Psychology
  • 152 Sensory perception, movement, emotions, and physiological drives
    • 152.4 Emotions
  • 153 Conscious mental processes and intelligence
    • 153.1 Memory
  • 154 Subconscious and altered states and processes
  • 155 Differential and developmental psychology
    • 155.3 Psychology of sex
    • 155.4 Children
    • 155.5 Young adult
    • 155.6 Adults
    • 155.9042 Stress
    • 155.937 Death
  • 156 Comparative psychology
  • 158 Applied psychology
    • 158.1 Self help
    • 158.2 Interpersonal relations 

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