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Open Educational Resources (OER): Music

Provides an overview of Open Educational Resources. Derived from UNCG's Open Educational Resources Libguide:

OASIS (Openly Available Sources Integrated Search)

Scores and Sound Recordings

A non-profit focused on increasing access to music by creating free resources and educational materials. MUSOPEN provides recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions. 

  • IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project)

Public Domain music resource containing scores and recordings.

Sources of Textbooks

Arts textbooks on Open Textbook Library (includes Art and Theatre)

Selected Textbooks

Music Appreciation

Open text from OpenStax CNX by Ronda Neugebaur exploring the study of Rhythm, musical meter and tempo, harmony, melody, and exploring periods of music, such as the Renassiance, Baroque, Classic, and Romantic and Twentieth century.

Music and the Child

This book explores a holistic, artistic, and integrated approach to understanding the developmental connections between music and children. This book guides professionals to work through music, harnessing the processes that underlie music learning, and outlining developmentally appropriate methods to understand the role of music in children’s lives through play, games, creativity, and movement.

Open Music Theory

This text is an open-source, interactive, online "textbook" for college level music theory classes. Introduces the inverted (or flipped) music theory, this text supports active student engagement with music in the classroom ("somewhere in between prosy lecture notes and reference material, with minimal graphical or audio examples")