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Have you ever wondered what the campus of Brevard College looked like in the 1980s? How about the 1960s? The 1930s? Ever wondered what life was like as a student at Brevard College throughout the decades, or what a relative experienced during their time here? If the answer to any of these questions happens to be yes, the archives within the J.A. Jones Library can certainly help! The Brevard College Archives contain pictures, documents, maps, records, and many more interesting resources about Brevard College, its forerunners, its faculty and staff, and its students that all point to the creation of what we have today.

Brevard College was created by the combination of Weaver College and Rutherford College on the site of Brevard Institute in 1934. Within the archives, there are records, rolls, yearbooks, newspapers, and more from all of these schools, along with information about Epworth School, which was on the land dating back to the late 19th century. Many of the resources within the archives are also public information, so they are accessible by anyone doing research.

If you need help with your research, you can contact the J.A. Jones archivist at

You can also reach a librarian through our chat service, emailing us at, or calling (828) 641-0114.

A Brevard College dance.


As of Fall 2021, J.A. Jones Library owns a microfilm reader, as well as microfilm of the Transylvania Times dating back to the 1930s and the Sylvan Valley News dating back to the early 1900s. This film, and any other microfilm, may be viewed on this machine by anyone on campus, providing intriguing primary sources and insight into history. Simply ask the library attendant at the desk for assistance.

Donate to Our Archive


Cleaning out your attic or wanting to pass down your story? Looking for a worthy cause?

Remember us. Contact Marie Jones or Scarlett Rogers for more information.

Photos, Scrapbooks, Senior Projects, Artifacts, etc.- We will accept nearly all donations that align with our Archives Collection Development Policy, but may not add the items to the archive. All donated items are evaluated for their fit and usefulness to the collection. Remaining items may be sold, given to a more fitting institution, or in rare cases discarded, at our discretion. 

Archive-quality supplies - Archive boxes, archive plastic photo sleeves, unbuffered tissue paper, and other archive supplies are welcome, but must be approved before you drop them off with us. These supplies are helpful for our archive, and for our goal of preserving materials and memories to the best of our ability.

And of course, Brevard College is always grateful for monetary donations.

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