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This page introduces future library and learning commons initiatives and solicits feedback.

Future Directions

The Library and ELC are always seeking to improve our work to support students and faculty. This page lists our recent initiatives and future directions and solicits your feedback on our activities. 

Gathering input: 

Information gathering on needs/wishes/wants for Academic Support of all types: Success mentoring, Tutoring, Disability/Accessibility Services, Advising, Library

  • Marie started meeting with individual faculty in spring 2018 and will continue to do so iin 2018-19.
  • Feedback form on website (future plan) 
  • Survey(s) (they will be coming!)
  • Focus groups
  • Email Marie or Brandon

Summer 2018 Initiatives:

  • Single Sign on, allowing MyBC login to be used for off-campus access to all library resources. Implemented.
  • Single Search Box for all Library Collections (Books, Journal articles, Media, etc). Catalog integration ongoing.
  • Website Revisions (ongoing). Next step: subject guides for courses
  • Textbooks: purchased one copy of G2C course texts for reserve use
  • Hired Educational Technologist to support integration of technology in the classroom as well as online course initiatives
  • Further merger of main service point and messaging for ELC (The Experiential Learning Commons is made up of four support teams: librarians, tutors, success mentors, and accessibility services)
  • Brandon and Kathy hired (Student Success and Accessiblity/Disability Services)

Future Directions:

  • Demand Driven or Evidence-Based Acquisition (DDA) of Ebook Titles
  • Textbooks: Open Access initiative in NC
  • Digital archives. Consider other repository uses.
  • 5-year library assessment with every 5-year program review
  • Course-level evaluation of library resources made more intentional
  • Encourage information fluency integration into courses. Possible incentives?