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Getting your class to meet with experts all over the world

by James Brooks on 2018-09-10T10:58:25-04:00 | Comments
Imagine a criminal justice class consulting with a CIA agent or English students finding out what it's really like to be a journalist who's stationed abroad.  With a few clicks, it's possible to bring live experts from anywhere in the world directly to your class.
Think of who your students would like to talk to.  Think big.  I can help make it happen through an easy to set up live video chat session.
Allison O'Leary recently had her class meet with a variety of experts through video.  The experience was crucial for her students.  They're considering careers in counseling, clinical psychology, and social work.  Since most careers require additional coursework beyond a bachelor's degree, she used video to create a "face-to-face" conversation between her class and three graduate students currently in the thick of these programs.
Students were able to ask questions and gain insights into where they'd like to head in the future.  Using video chat gave her students the ability to have a candid conversation with speakers who otherwise would not have been able to come to campus.
She'd absolutely recommend that other faculty bring this experience to their class. 
Feel free to ask Allison more about the kinds of insights her students gained from this.  If you'd like to bring your own "long distance" expert into class, don't hesitate to reach out to me. (

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