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English & Literature Subject Guide

This is an introduction to some of the resources for English classes. Please see your librarian for assistance

Research Guide

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5-step research process graphicLooking for ideas? Try a general site like Credo.  Got a person, a work, a genre, or a topic more specifically in literature?  Try this example, in searching the database Literature Resource Center, follow these steps. Enter your keyword, first.

Review the overview, and focus on the important elements of a work. Review criticism for a point of research. Find an article that intrigues you! Your interest in the topic is your first goal!

Consider: What references are listed at the bottom? What keywords are used? See if you can choose 5 keywords that connect the primary resource, the book or story, and the secondary resourcesthe items about the primary resource.

Use the Oxford Reference Premium to be sure you know the definition of the words and find other synonyms using the thesaurus. Use Advanced SearchingThesaurus, and Browse and note Subject terms that work for your topic. You can also look at Gale Virtual Reference Library for basics.

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